Terms and Conditions
These generic terms and conditions apply to all works and services undertaken by khlemail.com. By hiring us to take on work you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
Template Design and Maintenance Payment Terms
Typically, a 100% deposit is required before undertaking any work for new clients.
Maintenance work for new clients will require a 100% deposit.
Additional work will be charged at our standard hourly rate set at a minimum of 1 hour or for an agreed fixed price.
Payment terms are subject to our discretion.
We expect our invoices to be paid by the date due that is shown on all our invoices. Failing to pay by the date due will result in the withdrawal of our services and support.
Bad debts will be reported to the credit agency and this will affect your credit rating.
Hourly rate
The majority of our email template design projects are on a fixed price basis, however, for ad-hoc requests we charge per hour. This rate is revealed to clients on request of a quotation or estimate. Our hourly rate is typically adjusted yearly. We will send the hourly rate by email, on request.
We are available for conversation free of charge for all email template design projects. Once a project has started we believe all communications can be done via skype/email.
We expect our clients to provide their email template content at the start of a project. A delay in the provision of content may result in the delay of any agreed deadlines and may incur additional time to the project.
Design Backups
Design, we made will backed up for THREE month and clients can also backup their design. Please contact us if you need the design.

These terms are subject to change at our discretion